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Good Food Box Price Comparison from 7 local grocery stores

For the 2nd year, in partnership with KFL&A Public Health a price comparison was conducted that took a look at May’s Good Food Box options and what it would cost to purchase this produce from 7 grocery stores in and around the Kingston area. Please find listed below the lowest, highest and average cost of purchasing May’s Good Food Boxes at these stores.


GFB Size and Price      Lowest     Highest     Average Cost

Large - $15.00                $18.35        $27.42       $22.72

Small - $10.00                $11.57        $17.59       $14.50

Fruit -   $ 5.00                 $  5.34         $10.02       $ 8.14

Veggie - $5.00                $  6.93        $10.39        $ 8.52


Armed with this knowledge, why wouldn’t you recommend the purchase of a Good Food Box to everyone you know who is trying to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet; friends, family, clients, partners?!